So they are coming...Microsoft Planner lands on phones, starting off with the iPhone

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A great start. I've been using it already. It'd be great when notifications work with the phone and when/if it can be used offline.
:( wont sign in, I enter username, it redirect to orgs signin page but never gets there are returns the signup screen. No error. Anyone else got it working with ADFS ?

Great catch @Juan Carlos González Martín!


Working for me, but boards created in Teams not visible in the app :'( My tasks show up, but not the boards.


Seems to be a straight copy of the web functionality of Planner.

We are running AD FS and I have managed to install and log into the app.
This is Great! Saw the announcement and got it installed right away. Will be good to get a UWP version to get it on our business estate.
Hopefully not a long delay till the Android app. Would be better to get these releases in sync.

Had no issues with login via ADFS. But I am also seeing only some plans in the app. I can't tell why some show and some don't.