Show on my Outlook Calendar the tasks assigned to me on Planner

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We need a real-time syncronization between Planner and Outlook Calendar.


We tried by using Power Automate but we saw only 3 triggers: 

  1. When a task is created
  2. When a task is assigned
  3. When a task is completed

But there isn't any trigger invoked by editing a task on Planner that update the event on Outlook Calendar


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I've also this problem, it will be a great functionality. upvote
Fantastic idea, i would need it too.
It would be great to see this feature improved as soon as possible!!
It would be interesting to implement this feature in the Planner tool
I'm also looking for something very similar, it would be great for flying productivity.
That would be a very helpful feature to include
Could not agree more! Need this functionality to maximize Planner.