Setting recurreing tasks in MS Planner

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Hi All,

I was just wondering if it is possible to set a recurring task (e.g. check timesheet on a weekly basis).  This would be useful instead of using Outlook Calendar.  I cannot see a recurring option.  Just a set date and due date!


Thank you in advance.

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No option to do this as of now unfortunately. You can renew due dates after each time or just copy the task and set different due dates.
You might also du something with Power Automate etc..

Please use the Planner user voice to vote this up:

It’s on “planning” right now


Thank you Adam - that is a very impressive rapid response to my message!  Thank you for the update!


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@J_Standen1234 This is not supported out of the box. There is still opened suggestion to bring it to Planner -> Click 

However, you can create Power Automate/Flow task to get this feature: