Send flagged e-mails in Outlook to Planner or ideas on how to NOT miss out on important e-mails

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I want to make sure that I do not miss out on any leads given in e-mails from customers. Usually, I just flag important e-mails, but very often they also "disappear" after some time. I would really like to know if there are some tools for linking important e-mails into TEAMS without having to send it by finding e.g. the e-mail address to a channel in TEAMS. Could it be possible to create a FLOW that sends the e-mails I flag in Outlook, into a specific PLANNER assigning a task to me with an e-mail notification after two days? (I am not familiar with FLOW, so any help would be highly appreciated, OR please send me other ideas how to handle this).   

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Of course!

And there’s also a flow template for this:

Also you can use Microsoft To-Do for personal task management! And the flag mail feature is now built into that, creating a task! Your assigned planner tasks are also going to be visible in To-Do soon

@adam deltinger  TNX for tips! I should have seen that flow :). But, as an follow-up question, what is exactly the difference between the TO-DO and PLANNER (if I have created a private Planner)? I just need to keep track of my tasks/actions. 

They are different services but both task management! Planner created a group and other workloads and is intended for group tasks!
To-Do is intended for personal todo lists!
I guess a 1 man planner works for sure but not in the end for an org, creating lots of groups and workloads each time someone creates a planner plan :)
I find todo a better solution, has an win10 app, creating different lists, integration with outlook , etc