Send Email to Create a Planner task

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We're new to Flow but would like to know if it's possible to send an email to a certain address that will create this as a task in Planner? We would like to CC the person who we want this assigning to and the email content to become the description.


Note: We want to avoid creating planner tasks from flagged emails.


Is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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@ash7v Yes, this is possible using flow. See the below screenshots which helps you on this. Try and let me know if you need more help. 

planner step1.jpgplanner step2.jpg

Hi @Santhosh Balakrishnan

Thanks for your response!


I am getting an error when testing the flow. but I think it's something simple that's causing it.

If you could help that would be appreciated.



@ash7v You have used the plan name as in my sample screenshot and this causes the error. Replace that with the correct plan id. YOu can find the plan id from Planner web portal as in below screenshot. 

imgo (1).jpg

@Santhosh Balakrishnan I have changed this to the correct planner name. The flow is working correctly however I cannot get it to work for our emails and to actually create a task.

Do you have any ideas?

@ash7v - For the purpose of the community, the answer you were provided is to send an email when a planner task is created, not what you asked to do, which is to create a task in planner by sending an email.


You can accomplish this for an individual by using "Sent Items" folder with the Power Automate "When a new email arrives" trigger. You have to set the criteria so only the right emails turn into tasks, but that's a decision you'll have to make (importance, flagged, keywords in subject, copied a certain address, etc.)




Or for a group of people you could setup a dedicated "send to planner" email address or use the Office 365 Groups Mail triggers to create a task when a Group email box receives a new message.


You'll have to figure out how you want to assign tasks based on an email as there are lots of different ways to do it, either by using the CC field, parsing data in the body of the email in a standard format, using the sender address, etc.

Does the email have to send successfully?  @mbowgren 

I ask because the idea of having to send these to an actual address seems like duplication/and or inbox spam, but I'm wondering about a process whereby I can assign tasks to different planners by sending emails to fake email addresses that they are (in my mind) linked to.


As an example, if I have a planner for Big Project One, but don't want to email myself or others every time I assign an email as a task to that planner, could I set up a flow rule that automatically adds the email to the planner if I email the non-existent email address removed for privacy reasons?  

It automatically removed the email I typed, but you can get the jist. Basically the project title (so I can remember it) and then a nonsense domain like Fake Email Com in the usual format