Script to Automatically Copy a Bucket from an Existing Plan to a New Plan

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Hi all,


Apologies if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with writing a script (that utilizes the Planner API in Microsoft Graph or some other tool) that copies an entire bucket of tasks from a Plan in a Group, creates a new plan in a different Group, and "pastes" this copied bucket into the newly created plan? I'm pretty new to Microsoft Graph, so I was curious to see if anyone has done this, or something similar, before.


My team is in need of a way to "archive" the tasks that they have completed in previous sprints. They're using a Plan as their Kanban board to keep track of their tasks, and they have various buckets in this plan, such as "Product Backlog," "Sprint Backlog," and "Done." At the end of each sprint, they want to be able to save the "Done" bucket someplace else and move it off of the board to keep the board looking clean, as they want the board to only reflect the current sprint.


The way that they are doing this at the moment is manual. At the end of the sprint, they use the "Copy Plan" feature to make a copy of their Plan, store this copy in another Group, and name this new copy according to the Sprint # (for example, "Sprint 10 Archive"). In this new copy, they delete all of the buckets except for the "Done" bucket. They've mentioned that this process is fairly straightforward and not very time consuming, but I just want to explore the possibility of automating this to see if I can help take this off their plate.




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