Rolling Out - Assign tasks to multiple users

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Seems Microsoft is rolling out Assign Task to multiple users feature now. MSFT is very active in this.


task assignment.png

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This is great news. waiting for it in my tenant. In addition to selecting users to assign from within the Task, can you drop multiple users with the drag & drop?

I have tried that but it's not working as expected. It seems they are in mid of the rollout.

Same here - we have planner but can still only assign one person. That's ok, if I know it's on the way, I won't bother anyone with posts and we'll be on the lookout so will see it as soon as it comes online. 

Please note that this feature is still under development: "Thanks for all the feedback on this item. We’re now under active development on this feature." and can't be used. Do you have any info about ETA?

My guess is that you can expect to see multiple announcement during Ignite later this month.
This featue might be one of them :)