Retrieve Task Details using Graph API

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Is it possible to retrieve the task details using Graph API. I went through, in order to achieve this we need to follow iterate the Group ID followed by Plan ID then by Task Details. 


If so, whether is possible to get it done in a single script where we need to key-in Planner Name as input and output should list out all the task details. 


Through Graph Explorer, I can get it done . Whereas same if i try to iterate the loop in PowerShell IDE. It throws an error.

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Hi Ponnarasu, you can have multiple Plans per Group - for example those you might create inside Teams - so you will always need to know the Plan to get the Tasks.  You could certainly write a script to do something like that - and the code I use to find my 'template' in the cloning of a plan does precisely that - but it does need to iterate through the plans.

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