Restricting Edit Permissions in Microsoft Planner

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Hello everyone,


I'm currently using Microsoft Planner for project management and collaboration within my team. However, I've encountered a challenge and would appreciate some guidance.


Is there a way to configure Microsoft Planner so that only specific individuals, such as my manager, have the ability to make changes to the tasks and plans, while others can only view them? Essentially, I'm looking to prevent general team members from altering the plan, while granting full editing rights to my manager.


Any tips, tricks, or insights on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Unfortunately Planner does not support that scenario. I will recommend you to take a look to Project on the Web and the different SKUs they have so you can review it can/can't meet your requirements

Thanks. I was really hoping MS Planner had that functionality. When you mention "Project on the Web" are you referring to MS Project?.