Restricting Access to specific plans

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Hi All, 


I've seen similar requests but not specific to mine so I thought best to ask/suggest in the hopes of receiving a solution or added on the road map. 


I'm trying to use Planner in for our company onboarding; I have a private team for the My learning and development team and the onboarding plans sit within there.

However I want the employee to take ownership of their plan so I have assigned them to their plan along with adding different members of the business to the relevant tasks.


The issue is  - on given  access, it has given everyone access to all the onboarding plans I have within that group. Is there not a way to grant access to one specific plan? I don't mind people seeing everything that's on the plan but I do only want them to see that plan - especially as we'll be rolling this out to different departments so eventually the whole business would end up seeing everyone's onboarding plans.


Hope the above makes sense! any suggestion greatly appreciated!




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