Restrict planner to create new plans in company wide O365 Group

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I've created a company wide O365 group + Teams (Using Microsoft Teams) where we provide feedback and support via Microsoft Teams. So far so good. But unfortunately users can create new planner plans within this company wide group too. Is there any way to restrict the permissions for that?


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Can anyone help me out here please. Thanks in advance.

@SanthoshB1 that's not my question.

I already restricted the creation of office365 groups to zero people. It's only possible via a self service process. But a user is still able to create plans within an org-wide group that he's a member of.

Any ideas?

Hi! There’s no way of doing this except to prohibit creation of tabs within a team for members. Then they can’t add any tab aka not create a sub plan.

Although they can still do this from the planner service itself (


Am I the only one who sees this as a huge flaw? This could become a serious problem if users don't know what they are doing or do it on purpose...

@ThomasSteibl you are not the only one that sees this as a huge flaw, I do too and am having trouble figuring out how to navigate it...I'm surprised no one else commented on this! As we build out our IA in M365 I would like to be able to build a plan that could include anyone in the organization, as this is an organization-wide problem we are trying to resolve, however permissions are too loose to do this effectively and it's hard to determine what's the best avenue. Guess it's safe to say this hasn't been resolved yet? We can't be the only two to have discovered this problem, does anyone have a solution?