REQUEST - Be able to Paste images into Notes and Comments field!

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This is must! Tools like Trello already have this and this actually is stepback for some people wanting to migrate. They see that they can't paste images, they go to Trello.





ANOTHER THING! Would be very nice/handy also if we could edit the comments after submit it.


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@djheyvoon Totally agree! That is the main reason why I'm still not switching from Trello to Planner!

Let's keep this post UP to see if the DEVS pay attention to this request!


Having those two fields be rich text fields with image pasting would make us immediately start using Planner. We've been toeing around Teams for years as a design team because having to save screenshots (sometimes even upload them to sharepoint first for some reason) whenever we want to present a visual reference is a huge waste of time, when we could just copy them and paste them into a skype message or email instead.

It's also important as evidence of completed tasks.

Come on Microsoft. My organization NEEDS this feature. The fact that one the thousands of engineers at MS have not enabled users the ability to simply paste images into comments, notes for Planner (or SP) is disappointing. Please guys, enable this feature so we all can be more productive and organized :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::cat_face:‍:motorcycle:
Agreed with everything said here. It really is a shame this is missing.
Another vote for this - it is so obvious.

It doesn't event have to be Rich text - just have the box respond to a pasted screen snippet and save to SharePoint, showing it as an attachment will be so helpful!

Another endorsement of this request here - it would save SO MUCH time.


At the moment I have to save the file to SharePoint and then share the path to the file in the card. If they could tie-in also the ability to specify the default SharePoint storage location on a per bucket bases, then this would save so much time.

Please! We are limited on adoption until we can add in images and notes with ease - or even an integrated connection to OneNote

Past in notes or comments critical
add in link to open up OneNote if linked
This is so overdue! Please add this feature!
Looks like this is finally on the Planner roadmap with GA scheduled for Dec 2021. Microsoft Planner: Rich text and images in Planner task notes (Roadmap ID 85688).

Microsoft Planner: Rich text and images in Planner task notes

The Planner task notes field will support rendering rich text formatting (bold, italics, underline, and more) and image previews. Users can insert rich text and images into task notes.

Feature ID: 85688
Added to roadmap: 10/13/2021
Last modified: 10/13/2021
Product(s): Planner
Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Platform(s): Web, Teams and Surface Devices
Release phase(s): General Availability

This is GREAT NEWS!! Here's a URL for others who end up on this page like I did when searching for information on this to check on the status:

Now let's just hope that MS can keep to this schedule. For us, like for other posts here, this is the critical deficiency with Planner. We can't use it for software development if we can't quickly and easily paste screen shots into comments or initial task items. The way this works in Jira, Trello, or even Microsoft's own Teams Chat/Posts is perfect. Need to be able to paste images, not save them to a file, then navigate to the file to attach them. That turns a 1 second process into about a minute, which is long enough to destroy productivity and keep the team from being willing to use Planner, which in turn undermines interest in Teams too (even though Teams supports this capability in its own Chat windows, if we have to use Jira or Trello for project work, then Teams is much less attractive as a platform). 


So glad it looks like this is finally coming to Planner too.

I notice it says, "Users can insert rich text and images into task notes." That's not necessarily the same as pasting images. I wish it said, "Users can insert rich text and PASTE images into task notes." or "Users can paste or insert rich text and images into task notes."

I sure hope it supports simple paste (e.g., Ctrl-V) for screen captures like Teams Chat and not embedding as a file attachment. It's the time it takes to save and attach a file that's the whole problem for our team.
C'mon MS!!! All the users will strongly applause you for this, so C'mon!
Totally agree! advance formatting is a must.
This feature is scheduled for Feb 2022 as per M365 roadmap.

I notice by the key, it's still at "In Development" but in the text, it says that it's at "General Availability." Am I just misreading that (, or does that page contradict itself?


If it's in General Availability, than MS completely failed to address the problem here. We still can't paste screen capture images into Planner task descriptions or comments.

@Colin - Looks like it's scheduled to be released to GA this month, assuming it doesn't get changed again, but still at the "in development" stage as of today.