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Hi  I have many planner and  i Want to create a report to display the list of activities by user.


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Hi, there is no APIs avaialble to get the activities by user. It is requested in UserVoice.


You can try Apps4.Pro Planner Manager which will provide you the activities by user report plus other usage & statistics report for Planner.

Nice reporting features in the Planner Manager @Santhosh
Try iPlanner Excel Add-in. (find it in the Store directly from Excel) You will be able to get your plans and simply sort by user. Or any other way you want. Also GANTT.
Planner has a nice built-in feature where you can group tasks by user or by bucket. It is very easy to group by user, but the only downside is that there is still no way to order by due date. Hopefully that will be coming soon.

In the top right corner, just click on the "Gropu By" dropdown adn select "Assigned To".