Reorder Checklist - no longer working

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I am sure in the past I could Drag around items in the checklist to reorder them but now this is not working.


I tried within TEAMS, and direct on the PLANNER website and neither is working - I checked with colleagues and they have the same experience.


Anyone else seen this?



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I have never seen this working, so my guess is that I have never worked what is a kind of frustrating when working with Planner

+1: we use that feature (the reordering) all the time!!

The checklist or the reordering ?
The reordering!
+1 most annoying that this doesn't work. I also remember being able to reorder checklist entries with drag-and-drop.
I can't check myself now, but on my previous job we used re-ordering a lot. So this was working a few months ago.

It is true,

the Reorder Cheklist is no longer working !!!!

Essential Feature - why is it disabled ?

Drag-and-drop has stopped working well for me. I'm using the current version of Chrome browser for Windows 10.

same here

Yup, this is terrible -- checklist item reordering is a frequently used and essential feature.

This used to work, but it now does not. This makes Planner almost unusable for me. My workgroup has a task with 40-odd checklist items that are out of order, and now I will have to delete and start over, and first print out a couple of screenshots on paper so I don't forget what they all were. How is this an improvement?

40? Mine allows no more than 20 items on any single checklist!?

I thought it was even less than 20. And character limit is also very short. Anybody care to file a support request about it? I can't, as i don't work with Office 365 anymore.

I'm going to do a support request soon if I don't see anything here.
Agree @Andrew_B; this was working and I thought it was just me. Microsoft, are you aware and are you reversing the change that broke this?


Hello All,

I wanted to add a comment on this to keep it current... I also have noticed that the ability to re-order the checklist is no longer working... and like others, this is a key feature that I (all of us in my company that use it actually) are missing a lot! 

It's a new year, so perhaps we can get and update on this?  Will it come back, when will it come back?  Someone on the MS side please respond.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for reporting this issue. 

I'm able to reproduce an issue that once you click into a Checklist item (say to edit the title), you're unable to drag and drop it to reorder.  We'll investigate what happened.  Is this consistent with what folks are seeing?


When I tried it, I could still drag and drop to re-order items after closing/re-opening the task, or if I hit <tab> twice to tab off the item I edited.  

This is exactly what was happening. However, sometime over the New Year holiday, it started working again.