Removing Users from a Plan

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We have an Office 365 Group that has about 60 members and has Planner enabled.  For the people that are members of the group, we have small teams of 7-10 users as well.  For each team, we have created their own plan within Planner for them to use.  We wanted to customize the users for each plan so that only the members of those teams would show up on them when assigning members to tasks and for metrics (and hopefully only they would have access to them).  According to this article we should be able to do so in the Planner site...


However, what we have found is that when we remove users from a plan via that site, it actually removes them from their membership completely from the Office 365 group as well.  Obviously this is complete unacceptable.  I assume this is a bug.  Is anyone aware of it, or a workaround to limit access to a plan within Planner?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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@JohnnyGman I really hope this is fixed when new Planner is launched Spring 2024!!!  I urge everyone that experience an issue with this, i.e. not being able to control users of Planner vs Team members to speak up. I would think that the more people complaining the larger the possibility gets that this is fixed.


Notably the best competitor to Planner (that I've experienced) is Trello.

To keep the users of Planner MS should really change in the direction of at least grant us the possibility to administer the users!