recurring tasks, linking tasks and taking over tasks, alerts

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I can use outlook to schedule recurring mtgs etc but it would be v usefull to build recurring tasks and activities into planner and also to be able to link them in some way to other tasks (of others ?)or meetings. Will this be possible?  I would also like to be able to take over the tasks of others if they are not there or to hand on a task to someone without needing the plan manager needing to do this. Is this do-able? Is it possible to get alerts that particular tasks within the plan are completed

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All this features you are asking for are not currently part of Planner. What I recommed you is:
(1) Check regularly Office 365 roadmap and look for Planner new features coming
(2) Check Planner user voice, look if these features are there and vote for them...Microsoft might take into consideration in the future:
You can try Apps4.Pro Planner

This helps you to integrate Planner with your Outlook and see tasks in a table view with sort and filters. So you can easily find the tasks that are still unassigned / due for completion.

Thanks, I 've had a quick look , I'd be tempted by this but my organisation won't go for these sort of apps as they like standard builds from standards suppliers like ms for standard rollout to all users. Most of our users would not need this.