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i have just began to look into planner and it seems like a realy intersting feature, buti have find two issues that make it hard for me to use the planner in a comfortable way.

1.  could not find a way to print / Export the tasks.

2. in "Group By : Assigned to", you have a line showing the pictures of the persons assigned to the task . when it is just one person there is no logic to present the picture at each task (it is a column that is specific to this employee anyway). when you have more then one person assigned to a task  then it also not very comfortable because it fills the screen with pictures and it is hard to grasp the task in one view.

my recommendation is to 1. have the option to fold the "Assign to" line on the cards and 2. don't present it at all when there is only 1 person assigned to the task and you are in  "Group By : Assigned to" mode


if it is already possible i will appreciate if you can walk me through it .



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Nice feedback, but what you have just described is by design:
(1) You don't have a mechanism to export tasks from planner (this something that can be done with third party tools)
(2) The way Planner show people assigned to a Task is just how you have described
Thanks, i guessed that much but in my opinion the way the pictures is presented make it very hard to view the tasks, it take a lot of room on the screen with no material info ( especially when you are the onle person that is assign to the task but not only)
Can you recommend a third party tool for the download ( what is the reason that the planner does not allow export by itself?)