Premium Planner how to enable

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Noticed on the preview release it mentioned you can request by clicking the diamond icon this isn't available as an option and also  we have premium license but the features aren't available? Is there anything additional we should be doing or looking at to gain this functionality? 


If you are interested in trying out premium features in the new Planner app, including Copilot in Planner preview, you can begin your free trial or request a premium license by clicking the diamond icon within the Planner app itself. 

If you are an existing Project for the web user with an existing Project license, then you're already equipped with access to the new Planner's premium capabilities available for that license. 

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Yeah, I just added the Planner Plan 1 for someone, but they're saying they're not seeing any changes in the Teams app...
Same here, no change with Plan 1, no Gantt whatsoever