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Our company is launching Planner for the management tasks next months. During the preparation phase, we discussed various related topics a lot, and here's some ideas:


  • Allow the task description, checklist and eventually attachment being present on a card independently - why is that mutually exclussive? Too useful to miss on that.
  • I would like to see a setting, when completed checklist items are still visible on a card. Recently it looks like tasks not having any completed items. You have to go and see them in a detail form mode.
  • Allow to set colors of labels or reordering them.
  • Why graphs don't include finished tasks? It feels a bit negatively as if you would not finish any tasks yet.
  • Could there be a feature to mark a completed item as archived at certain point, so that it does not have to be deleted to not influence statistics?
  • Plan Schedule view is not much useful imo. It should have more of a timeline nature. Especially Monthly view is inconvenient, as it wraps the longer tasks on several rows (weeks). Could we have Month/week view for e.g.? Or year/month/Q one? I know project Roadmaps is coming, so hopefully we will get that, once Planner is integrated. But our users don't find Schedule view useful in its recent state.
  • Comment @ mentions please.
  • More granular access rights - if the underlying Groups would have to go, let is be so for a good ...




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Hi! Some good points! For feature feedback and requests regarding planner, please use the uservoice forum! Search for any similar requests or create an own and give your vote!!