Possible to add a classification to 'Group by' menu?

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1st post, I did a number of searches in this forum and the web generally.  Since Outlook and other Microsoft tools use the term "group" in other contexts, I got a lot of hits on those and none relevant to my question.


Our office has been working with Planner about 6 months.  It does a lot of things well, and we appreciate that it's not overly complex.  We've organized tasks through Buckets and Labels, and we're using Assigned and the other fields under 'Group by'.


I would like to add another classification for Project, of which we have quite a few.  We had set these up originally with Buckets but didn't like that structure.  There aren't enough Labels to fit.  This would greatly help our team.  Possible to do?  Or other suggestions how to add similar filtration?


Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately there’s no options regarding adding or customizing functions in Planner! What’s there is what you got :\

I’d suggest you go to planner uservoice and search/add a request!


Would you consider a 3rd party app that could do this? Apps4Pro can. I've used it on and off for a year to help me plug some gaps. It doesn't scale in terms of cost for us so I've let my subscription lapse. For a power user it's great but my role isn't managing plans.