Please verify: maximum tasks in a Plan, maximum buckets in a Plan

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So saw mentioned in another thread the upper limit of Tasks in a Plan is 250. 


I am looking for a definitive answer to what the CURRENT upper limits are for tasks / buckets in a Plan (specifically connected to an O365 Group at this point).

  • Maximum tasks in a plan
  • Maximum buckets in a plan
  • Maximum tasks in a bucket


Limits documented anywhere?

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I would like to be wrong, but I believe Planner limits are not documented :(

Planner has a limit of 250 tasks per person and not per plan. Currently it is not documented anywhere.

250??? Good to know the limits...som customers will push that one very easy.

Again, its 250 tasks per person.

The 250 limit is going to be removed in the future...

Anyone know when the limit will be removed? We can't create any new tasks and don't know what to do

Not sure when it will be removed. The only way as of now is to delete the completed tasks.