Plans to add "Completed/Archived Bucket" section?

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We've recently started using planner and within 1 plan (IT Plan) we have several buckets (Projects).  Each bucket for us represents a different project, and within the buckets you have your tasks.  Well, as we complete tasks and eventually the entire bucket (meaning project is completed), we move the bucket to the end of all active buckets/projects.  Eventually this list will be huge.


We want to save all past projects/buckets however we do not want them flooding the current projects.  Doesn't seem like best practice to just throw the completed buckets at the end and pretend they're not there (Image 1 ).  I don't think the answer is "Create a plan per projects" since there is also no ability to archive plans it would seem and the left side would be flooded with projects as well.  Ultimately if we could have more bucket management/control/archive feature as a drop down (Image 2).


Thank you!


Image 1



Image 2



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@adconley95 Two workarounds available for your case.

1. export the bucket to excel in Planner as the backup and delete the bucket

2. Create a plan which contains the archived buckets and move the bucket when the project is completed.


In both the cases, we assume the tasks in archived bucket is not needed, until there is a need for review. 

#2 would not work as you can't move buckets from one plan to another. Can you explain what you mean further?
Pinning this thread as I would love this feature as well

Hello @ARamirezCamarillo 

Got the same request. 

What I did as a manual workaround :

- create a bucket named "Archive"

- Filter all Tasks by Completed (as list view) - you can filter by Bucket if needed > Then I could Copy all Tasks > click on the three dots (any of the selected lines) > Select menu Bucket > Select Archive 


All the completed Tasks will go in the the Bucket "Archive"


Tell me if it works !

@Rachel_WSF Hi Rachel wondering if the tasks stay in their buckets because if I am working on multiple projects at a time, I don't want completed tasks moved until the buckets they are in are completed.