Plans being duplicated with team name

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I'm having issues with extra plans being made on their own with the plan name taking the name of the team. I was making adjustments to the team Planner (creating/deleting plans and tasks and moving tasks between plans), when I noticed that 10+ extra plans were created, each having the team name as the plan's title. See attached photo. The plans that were made on their own are all the blue "Pan Pacific Development Team" plans.

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How are the plans being craeted and why you say the plans are duplicated?

@Juan Carlos González Martín , they are being created on their own, I have no idea how. All I know is that I made some simple changes such as changing titles, adding/deleting plans, tasks, and buckets, and all of sudden I have 10+ extra plans that I never created, all with the same title. I suppose I didn't mention that I am making these changes in Microsoft Teams where I loaded in Planner as a tab but I don't see how this can be the cause.