Plans allowing deletions (partial)

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I have been telling end users not to delete plans since it would delete the entire group - and pop up the warning about Group deletion. Many of them have been using the feature allowing them to add multiple plans to one Group.  I was shown this week that someone can go to the plan settings and select Delete this plan.  It brings up the warning box, but the warning now says - "You are about to permanently delete this plan and all of its tasks."  The checkbox text states "I understand that this plan and all of its tasks will be permanently deleted."  It doesn't mention Group deletion and in fact if I delete it - it does delete the plan and not the Group.  However - it doesn't really delete the tasks.  If they were assigned to me, they show up in the My Tasks view of Planner.  The task shows up without the Group name on the header of the task and I can't edit it - except to mark as complete, label, re-assign or delete.  Has anyone else seen this yet?


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