Planner Update 5/6/20 - calendar view broken Please fix!

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Please fix this asap. My business is getting frustrated with Planner instability during work hours.

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Yes, this has impacted my company as well.  Something change mid-day today and now calendar view is completely corrupted.

I'm not seeing any problem with the calendar view in Planner....can you share a screenshot?

@Juan Carlos González Martín We have multiple tasks across the entire month but it's all missing except for one or 2 task which are duplicated multiple times.  In this screenshot you'll see one task at the bottom being shown 5 times.  The boards tab has all tasks listed fine, this is just a month view.  If you go to a weekly view you see one task duplicated 10 times




Notice that this week in empty in the month view (which is wrong), but completely duplicated spam in the week view



I'm experiencing the same issue. There was a message today stating Planner has been updated. Refresh for the new version. After refreshing my browser schedule view no longer displayed properly within multiple boards. Some tasks show 5 times other don't show at all.

This is happening to us today as well.

Note, this is with no filters set. If you apply a filter, some items do show up.

The Schedule view appears to be working again.  Looks like something was updated to address the issue.