Planner To-Do Integration issue - Guests

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I don't know if it's better to post here or in the To-Do community. 


We use Planner from inside Teams. Our Teams often have Guests. When Planner tasks are assigned to native members of our org, integration with To-Do works great - their tasks show up for them in To-Do.

However, the same doesn't seem to work for our Guests. Most, if not all of our Guests are also Office 365 users licensed for To-Do in their own home orgs, however, when we assign tasks to them, they don't show up in their home-org To-Do app. This would be great if it was supported, but I'm not sure if it is and just broken. I didn't see anything in the documentation that says so either way, and didn't find anything in the roadmap or user voice, so I'm wondering if anyone could shed light?


Thanks as always!


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I think that scenario is currently not supported...but It would be great if someone from the Planner or ToDo Teams can confirm it