Planner Team looking for feedback: Planner & Project Roadmap Integration

We're currently working on the integration between Planner and Project Roadmap. The crew that's taking this on is hoping to release it as soon as possible, and is looking for more feedback on what type of functionality customers want from this integration and why.
The overall goal of this integration would be to provide Planner users the ability to see a high level view of multiple Plans on a timeline. This timeline would visualize which Plans are on-schedule or behind, and provide Planner users insight into whether the Plans were properly aligned for a common goal or Milestone. 
If you have a scenario around how you would use this, or what exactly you'd like to see represented on the timeline (i.e. All individual tasks, the plan as a whole, all tasks in a particular bucket, etc.) please share with us!
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Joanna Parkhurst
Microsoft Planner & Project
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This sounds awesome!
Having an overview where you can statistically see the different kinds of overall statuses of each plan!
For example, you have several projects with a plan each!
Having an overview of number of closed , active or due tasks for each plan would be awesome!

Great idea @Joanna Parkhurst!

I think it would make sense to be able to pickup buckets and labels as roadmap row items instead of individual cards to aggregate start and finish information to a higher level. Also it can be helpful to have just the earliest start and latest finish of a plan as a single item in a roadmap row.

A great option would be if the row item status could be automatically calculated from the linked planner items.

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@Joanna Parkhurst 



Interested to explore further.  I have recently set a dedicated external O365 account up for a Global business.   UK operate from 8 port terminals (Tankers/Ships - Road Vehicles in/out) in some of which are undergoing major refurbishment.  Project Engineers just appointed to oversee on terminals £2m works.  Using Forms, Sway, PowerApps, SP lists, ON to support due diligence of 140 contractors across UK Group ops.  Data written back to Power App advising who on site, when, where, what, how works to be undertaken, also site knowledge induction test.  PE using MS Project.  Sub Plans for contract works across estate already discussed.  If of interest drop me a line.  Thanks.


This feature will be beneficial as high level reporting tool. I wonder if this feature is still under consideration. I am working in a simple flow to populate certain plan in planner into the roadmap without much luck.

Regards, Claudio