Planner Tasks now in Microsoft To-Do

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Nice. Wonder why there wasn't an official announcement about this yet. Maybe this is some kind of preview still.
There Will be an announcement on Thursday together with the feature of planner notifications in Teams!!

@Paul MatherThere is discussion of this release happening over here too.

@Paul MatherI think I found a bug in the desktop and web apps:

  1. Pick a few tasks from "Assigned to Me" and add them to "My Day".
  2. Go to "My Day" and drag-and-drop one of the Planner tasks to reorder the list.
  3. The Planner task appears in the new location, for a second, and then disappears from "My Day". (It still exists is "Assigned to Me".


@Matthew Jarsky Hi Matthew, I would probably raise these issues via the Office 365 portal so these reach the correct teams for a fix.

@Paul Mather 

I submitted it via


I received the following reply:

Thank you for letting us know about this. Our apologies for the trouble.

We're aware of this issue and are working on a fix. We hope to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. We appreciate your bearing with us in the meantime.

@Paul Matherthis looks great.  I also noticed that checklists from Planner were also migrated into To-Do subtasks too, so it's the full package.


Now just waiting for To-Do to replace Outlook tasks on the desktop ;)

This issue has now been fixed.

the integration stopped working recently - the "Assigned to me" task list doesn't show up in To-do side panel anymore. it used to work, but stopped a few weeks ago. I can see the "Assigned to me" task list in the full planner app, just not in outlook online.

any hints?

Whay do you mean outlook online? Maybe you wanted to say To-do app? That's were Planner tasks should appear.

@wroot i'd swar there used to be the "Assigned to me" task list available in the Outlook in the web's To-Do side panel. it's gone missing a few weeks ago :\


any chance anyone else remembers this?

I haven't used this so can't tell. Maybe you are on a preview version of Outlook on the web and they haven't implemented this in the new version.