Planner standalone versus Planner within Teams

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From Microsoft Teams you can have a Planner tab even if you don't have activate Planner service for the user.

I was wondering if someone known if there is any differences within available functionalities? Did a functionalities comparaison table exist as we can found for example for PowerBI plan?


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Planner standalone and Planner within Teams both uses same Planner service...the differences you are seeing are just related to the fact that Planner is not fully integrated in Teams yet. By the way, answering your question I'm not aware about what features are missing in Teams compared to what you seen when working directly in Planner

For a while "filter" and "group by bucket" were only visible in the web client, and not through the thick client. Today, I think the only obvious difference I spot is not being able to switch to different views (board, chart, schedule). You could always start in teams and click the "go to website" button if needed.