Planner search feature coming soon?

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All services should have a search feature - and Planner is no exception. Is this a planned feature?
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This feature as been requested by may users and there is no update as of now from MSFT on when this will be available. Please cast your votes for this in user voice.

Thanks - I voted for it

Planner Search feature came?

One of the best and most important parts of the Sharepoint ecosystem is the ability to search across everything. I cannot understand why Microsoft are releasing so many new tools without this:






There is simply no way we can adopt these add ons as an enterprise without proper search. In fact so much so, the lack of it (and the lack of understanding of just how fundamental this is by Microsoft) may drive us away to Confluence of some other solution.



It is absolutely absurd to not have it.

One workaround to search tasks in Planner right now is to use filter. 


planner search.png

I wonder if anyone in Microsoft management realises that one of the most powerful Sharepoint ecosystem features is unified search across all content - emails, OneNote, Sharepoint sites, tasks etc etc


Gradually eroding this by introducing supposedly 'new/better' tools is actually gradually undermining the value of the whole solution of apps, content and sites. It's certainly prompting our firm to wonder whether other alternatives aren't a better approach

I'm thankful to at least have a workaround for search by using Filter. However, it's not intuitive to Anyone that I have talked to so far to go into Filter to be able to search their tasks.


I ended up creating a quick video show folks the current challenge and the workaround:

One possible hack; when you create a stand-alone Plan (not a Plan in Teams, nor a Plan in Yammer), it seems to set up an Outlook group. If you then make sure everything is set up for maximum notifications, there is Outlook search of those notifications and their content to lean on.


Still underwhelming, I know. Not sure it's better than nothing, as it may simply underscore the insanity of not having search in this tool.


Unfortunately, more than a year later, search is still a problem. The filter only looks at the Task Name, if you're hoping to find something in Notes, Comments, or Checklist, filter doesn't find it.

@Santhosh Balakrishnan - Filtering is not a search. We will have 5,000 tasks in a year and the planner is just unusable. The only get around I have found is to copy each planner task to an email address and using the search facility there. This is unbelievable in 2020 that we don't have a text search.

I agree that would be nice to have 'real' Search in Planner instead of just a workaround...

Hello 2004 ,

Seriously, will we go back to bulletin boards? Filter is useless, even on one's own tasks. And it does not work across all Plans. How can a product exist without Search or Find? 

@Darian Miller 


Still not avaiable???

@Santhosh Balakrishnan I voted for it 4 YEARS after your request- it's still not been delivered

That's Microsoft...

Using the Filter feature is not good enough.

Search should include esp. Notes, but also Comments, maybe even Attachments.

@Santhosh Balakrishnan With your (unfortunately misleadingly) response being the best response:
Neither can that user voice be found, nor can votes be cast any longer.

@Tobias Beer I have posted the user voice link for this question in the year 2017. MSFT decided to move away from the User voice in the year 2021. Now we are in 2022. Hope my response is not misleading as I will not be able to find all questions where I have posted the user voice form link and replace it with the relevant updated information.