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@Joanna Parkhurstin your BR2393 presentation at Ignite you mentioned that the ability to Copy a Plan is coming soon. Will this include comments on Tasks? How soon is soon?


I have a customer that wants to move some existing plans that were created in the Planner App into SharePoint sites so that they can use the SharePoint Web Part, and I'm hoping that being able to Copy Plans will allow them to do this. We are currently stuck. 

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@Dean Gross @Joanna Parkhurst @Howard Crow 


Is there any update on the duplication of Plans & their buckets within a Team, in particular when adding new Channels within that Team.


When new channels are created, and you add the Planner tab, if you select the 'use an existing plan for this team', for example 'Plan template 1', when you change the tasks, it changes them in the 'Master'.


Having the ability to duplicate a plan from say a master template, from within the same Team, in several Channels, is critical for our business processes instead of copying task by task. Currently, the copy plan function in the app gives you a new Team/Group provision.


From what I can see this is not possible, if im incorrect, please advise.


Many Thanks

Correct! You can only copy tasks or an entire plan , but the latter creates a new office 365 group!
When you add a plan from a channel you either use the existing group plan or create a new sub plan - from scratch!

There are several uservoices for this scenario regarding using a template instead here:

I’ll suggest you vote for the relevant uservoices!

Let’s hope the planner team can add further info on this!


@adam deltinger 

Thank you for getting back to me Adam.


I will do as advised and navigate the uservoices.




Is it ready now ?



@Thierry1200 Copyplan feature is available in Planner now. But it can copy the plan to the new group and not to the existing Groups. You need to use third-party apps to do this.