Planner Roadmap and Updates from Ignite Australia


Below are updates for Planner. The below screenshots are taken the Ignite session video and I have added the target date for easy reference.










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Thanks a lot for sharing! :) Very helpful!

Great slides, very useful.  To add, you can watch the session here with demos - Meet Planner: Team Collaboration Built on the Microsoft Graph and the slide deck is available here.


Yeap, I have seen the slides...but not much details about when it will come and about how everything will work

Thanks for the update, I love planner and I'm encouraging our customers to adopt it in their businesses. The video from Ignite was also very insightful.



as an enthusiastic follower from Germany I would like to know when these updates and especially the planner itself will be available in the "Deutschland Cloud". I've just seen that it will not be available in 2017. Is that for sure? We will move from Global to german Cloud but will lose by that the planner :(




I have not heard anything about German Cloud in the video. I think @Dave Heller, can help you.

We don't have solid dates yet for deployment in the special clouds.
Thank you so much for these!

@Dave Heller I'm really struggling with managing tasks at the My Task level. Are there any improvements coming for this? 


views that can be saved. that can be sorted by due date, filtered by bucket, filtered by label ( still no priority?) in a cross plan way

ability to search for a task

ability to move a task from one plan to another

ability to navigate to the plan from My Tasks


Any target for macOS client like Wunderlist has also? or better Safari support (drag and drop doesn't work).

Thanks for the update
where is guess access, shows 2 months from feb 2017



this is so true, what you wrote here. Two years after the official release of Microsoft Planner, this app is still very very basic compared to other apps such as Trello which are not so much older than Microsoft Planner. But the speed of development (agility) is much higher than it is the case for Microsoft Planner.


In addition, some of the promised support such das iOS mobile devices support is really fairly limited. There is now indeed an app for iPhone, but not a native app for iPad. Using the iPhone app on the iPad is so incredible bad, that you can forget using Planner on iPad.


Summarizing all of what you wrote and given all my negative experiences, I will now return to Trello. Planner is a nice proof of concept for the nice idea of an app which is tightly integrated with other apps such as Onenote and Sharepoint... However, fundamental features which are standard in other apps such as Trello, or Asana to name just two of them are really painfully missed.


Trello for example is really mature and  they they support different devices in a very good way be it on a laptop using the browser, or on an iPhone or an iPad using natively developed Trello apps. In addition, all of the features you were requesting in your comment are fully available there and the development of further features is going on with a much quicker speed by Trello (now Atlassian).


And no(!), I am not a member of the Trello or Atlassian stuff, just a very disappointed user of Office 365, and especially of Trello. If the development speed for Microsoft Planner remains as it is, we can expect feature parity with today´s competitive apps such as Trello in presumably 10 years. But then those other apps might be far away from the functionality they already support today.




@Joachim Schirra Planner supports iPad quite well and it is a natively developed app. So while your feedback is appreciated, more details would be helpful because on the surface your feedback seems off. Planner also supports a number of capabilities for people who care about the security and privacy of their information such as FedRAMP and SOC2.