Planner Recurring Tasks (AKA Feature ID: 82028)

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I'm disappointed in the lack of information surrounding this long-delayed feature (Recurring tasks).


Highest requested feature on Uservoice (now closed), no feedback from the team for years despite it being consistently raised at every available opertunity. 


I was then tracking it via the 365 roadmap 

but extremely annoyed that the plan keeps slipping.
If the team had provided feedback I would not be in perpetual limbo waiting for this feature and simply would have used another vendor for this task.   The team need to feedback whether this is likely to be implemented by March.
Please can we have some feedback from the team, should I keep waiting of will this never materialise ?
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Any news on this?
I'm in the dark, still no news and currently I'm waiting till end of the month to give them the benefit of doubt.

It's marked as being in the general release phase.... But I don't trust it!
I am also pending this feature for so long.
Still no any information, how will this work, referenced videos or documentation, when exactly will be since I also do not believe in Roadmap and has been postponed for months several times etc., no private or public preview etc.
Seems like very bad communication from Planner product group, probably due to low Microsoft investments in Planner product.

@Hrvoje Kusulja 


I agree, there is A LOT of neglected customers so far. All we need is a little feedback to plan our business decisions accurately.   I do feel strung along. 


I would say I'm not expecting a great deal of fanfare with this feature as I would imagine it will be a tick box that will offer recurring option and timing.   


I've got everything crossed as I think this will be the last piece in this jigsaw where we can put everything in planner as an overview and employees can use todo to manage.   

We'll find out in 8 days whether they release the update.  

For those playing along at home Microsoft 365 Roadmap - See What's Coming | Microsoft 365.


Good luck everyone


Also everyone, if it doesn't happen at the end of the month - vote here and leave a comment of dissatisfaction please ......

Hello @Paul Austwick , okey. Let's wait until the end of the Month. Also if after that there is no update, if you have any replacement tool for that I would really aprecciate a recomendation.

Ok it is the last day of March and no progress. TBH its not looking good, again.

Alternatives within 365 ...
Microsoft flow - this can automate but its clunky and I hit a limit when adding tasks - but passable for basic tasks.
ToDo - this is the individual, rather than the team view. HOWEVER you can share a list and have recurring in that. I rather liked the idea of PLANNER to overview and everyone use TODO for administrating their planner tasks as it would filter through.

I really didn't want to add another tool to administrate/sign in to for my team but Monday is another although I haven't looked in to their offering. I have simple requirements and PLANNER would have been perfect fit I feel.

So annoying. I am experiencing the same on the Rich Text and images. They keep on moving the release date by 1month only. If only they set expectations properly and move it out to a realistic release date we can work around it. 

does anyone have recurring the task feature in their tenancy yet?
Hi - I'm a Productivity Trainer and teach (amongst other apps) MS Planner - last week one of our clients said they have a Recurring task field (named Repeat) placed immediately to the right side of Due Date and under Priority within the main Task form!

The link below confirms it - but as of today I still don't see it on our Tenant!! How do we get it??

@rstuart I can see the Repeat feature in Planner in our tenant. But the problem is its not working as expected. When I set repeat, Planner says "We couldn't update "<task name>". Please try again later.  :sad:

@SanthoshB1 then it is quite random then as I can't even see it, you can see it but it doesn't work, and my client does see it and it does work! Hope this issue gets looked at.

This is a amazing news - someone has actually been working on it all this time - this is amazing - but official the slowest rollout ever bar duke nukem forever.

Its listed as being in the "rolling out phase" so will not be available in all tenants and may roll back if they find issues, like the ones discussed.

Hopefully it appears in mine soon.... fingers crossed as I have a bunch of daily tasks I'd like to post for my team mates.