Planner Preview nag email has turned into a data loss warning

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The license expiry warnings for Planner Preview were kind of annoying, but I eventually silenced them by de-licensing Planner Preview in my prod and test tenants.


But today I got the first warning about Planner data being deleted in 7 days (and am being urged to purchase a subscription that doesn't exist, since Planner is free).


Now, I'm 99% sure that my production Planner data (of which I have lots now that I am using Planner almost daily) will be safe, but it's easy to assume that this warning would scare some people. It seems to be that if our Planner data is safe from deletion when Planner Preview stuff ages out and disappears, that this warning is completely unnecessary and will only cause unnecessary concern.


planner preview nag.png

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I have received this message in two of my tenants and nothig has happened to the "real" planner :)
true it is the preview license which expires but as it is fee and in the default license it will not disappear. it would be good to bulk remove the license.

I just wish we actually had the "real" planner. Due to MS's atrocious planning, we might have to wait until the end of the year. Only a 5-6 month gap between the trial and the real one.