Planner on mobile

Is there any idea if and when Planner will be available for Windows 10 phone and IOS phones? We use trello but have started using planner so now we're desperate for full functionality. Any feedback on dates?
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It's available- look for an iOS app called 'groups'

Thanks Hun. We have groups on both the Windows 10 mobile and IOS mobile, I also have groups everywhere else - desktop and browser. None of them link back to Planner. 


From within Planner you can create a new group but you can't then navigate back to the Planner - that is one of my other questions to this network... 


If you can in fact access Planner from Groups, can you or someone let me know where to find the icon or link as there is nothing I can see in any toolbars or settings pages. Thanks. 

I probably started reading from the wrong end of the planner threads - this video answers most of my questions


But I still think there is no obvious way to get from Groups to Planner unless you have two tabs open - when it a Group, there is no way to see any link back to Planner. 

You can expect a link to Planner from Groups soon. Hope we can expect more updates during ignite.
By the way, Planner App is in the roadmap and will come this year