Planner notifications and time information in checklists

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Problem. I create na new bucket and then a sample Task with a checklist but I don't have any notifications when somebody changes the checklist steps or edits them although I'm a participant of that task and its assigned to other people and me too. Why :( ?

One more thing It would be super usefull to see in planner date when somebody changes stuff in the checklist, to see when it did change (eg during the night or different time zone)


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I agree, notifications for changes to a task you're already assigned would be useful. Granted, the conversation in the task could be used for that, but people will forget to post there. Automatic notification of changes is more dependable (and could also be listed in the conversation).


PS - did you know there's a uservoice for Planner where feature improvements can be suggested?

My first thought was to place it here but I've added it to the planner voice too so we can vote for it :)