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I have a problem with the language of the notification emails sent by the planner.

As far as I can see, Planner is set to German. Planner within Teams, planner online.

Only the emails, which, for example, provide information about overdue tasks, are in English.

I have not found a setting for the language of the notifications.

Did i miss something?




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@IkaPlus   Depending on your organization's Microsoft 365 configuration, you might find Settings in a different place. > Microsoft 365 settings, and select the Settings tab. Select Language and time zone and choose the language you want. Then select Save


The Planner tool is always based on the language settings of the user. any language is used for the bucket descriptions, task descriptions, etc. will always be based on what the creator has used but there is no language setting for plans.




Did this solve your problem? We are using german language too and the url in the notification mails still contains en-US despite the users account language settings.

Maybe you could help to clarify this @PDostiyar ?

@renemeurernewde  so are you still having the same issues - the planner is using the En-Us as default languages...


As per my last comment on I think it is base on the user default language setting, Also recently i have seen if the account profile says country is USA or any other country that has English as their default language will also have an effect on this....

@IkaPlus Have you solved this Problem? We have the same situation as you have described. Some of the users get Englisch overdue EMail 



we have exactly the same problem. Language Settings of Users are checked... Mails still coming in engl.

@donnerwetter @DanielSchnyder 
The notifcations are german now in my case. But to be honest, I don't know which setting was the one to change in the end. Sorry. :unamused:



**bleep**. in my case its german too :\

@donnerwetter @DanielSchnyder @IkaPlus
In my case the M365 language setting has no effect on the Planner email notification language. Display language has No Preference Set [English (United States)] as the value, which I am unable to change because this is managed by the organisation. Under Preferred languages I have English, Translate to language has Follow preferred language - English, but I still get emails in a language that is not English.

As far as I can tell the Planner's email notification language is derived from Settings -> Language & Region -> Regional format instead of Display language or Preferred language.
This is utterly absurd, as I want to get the local regional format and emails in English.