planner not work

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planner not appear to me in my office 365 account in egypt

why ?

these my account


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If you do not see it creat a service request. But be sure you are in one of the subscriptions mentioned here:


The Planner's internal name is tasks. (Just like O365 Group is internally known as UnifiedGroup, Tasks might make people confused with Outlook's Tasks so they changed the marketing name to "Planner" I guess.


If you can go to with your O365 account, that means you have it but you just cannot see it on your Tile Menu (or hamberger menu).


The simple workaround until Microsoft address it is to

1. Go to Admin Center 

2. Click on "Go to the old admin center" link on the top right corner

3. Go to "Company Profile" - "Custom tiles"

4. Click Add (+) button

5. Enter the following details and submit:

- Tile Name: Planner

- URL:

- Description: Microsoft Planner

- Image URL : Google "Microsoft Planner Icon" and get a good quality JPG image


6. Fully logout and re-login (You may need to wait for 5-10 mins)

7. Check the Tile menu and make sure "Custom" Planner Tile is added


If you cannot access, the reason could be:

- Your subscription may not be elegible

- It make take longer for your region

- Actual problem


I hope that it helps... :)