Planner not saving comments when I am the only member

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I have a Plan set up in Teams where I am the only member of the team. I use this for my "private" tasks.


If I try to save a comment on a task in that plan, it does not save the comment. I would like to use the comments section on a task to record status updates, as we do in tasks where there are multiple team members.


Why can I not save comments to myself?




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@khops  Same issue  in same plan conditions.  Did you manage to solve it? I'm testing this app in order to start using it and comments are very important in our operation. 

Thanks in advance

Hi @khops,

maybe this helps:

PeterM654 has made a finding on this topic, for his post you have to scroll all the way down.


@jesusvicoWell, I might have. Not sure if it is a permanent fix. What I did was added a new user to Office 365 Admin using the A1 license (free) - i.e. a "dummy" person. I then added that person to the Team. Then, on the same task that was giving me the problem I could then save comments.


I have no idea whether that had anything to do with it or not. If I have anymore news I will post back here.


Good luck!