Planner not accessible in Internet Explorer (IE)


Myself and some of my users are having an issue where the Planner site will not open in Internet Explorer, though it opens fine in Chrome.  When browsing to the planner site we just get a blank page and spinning indicator (see figure below).  Any idea what could be causing this?



Thanks, Bruce...10-31-2016 9-33-54 AM.jpg

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Did a quick test on few tenants, seems to work fine here. Did you try clearing cache/cookies on In-Private session? Or maybe you use a different network config for IE (proxy)?

Not seeing any problems with Planner in two of my tenants
It is due to the proxy settings in IE. Few of our customers faced this issue.

Deleting temporary internet files and such did not help and we don't use a proxy.  It does work with InPrivate browsing.  I finally got it to work by adding as a Trusted site.