Planner newbie - Help with creating Plans.

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Im a Planner newbie, and I'm struggling to work out which is the best way to schedule projects in Planner. For example, we are a small team and I need to schedule work for the next month. Should I create a Plan called 'June jobs' and then create a bucket for each job, or should I just not think in that way and just create a Plan for each job? I am used to scheduling a months jobs in a Excel Calendar sheet so this is a bigger ste. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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some questions, do your tasks have dependencies on each other, if one task slips do others slip and if so, does this need to happen automatically, if so, Planner is not the right tool.

I think of a Plan as something that supports the execution of a project or activities, not something that is for a Month. I would recommend having a plan called Jobs, with buckets for the job phases and color coded labels for additional helpful categories.
Are you using Teams? if so you can add a Plan to the Team

I also recommend experimenting, there is not one right/best way, Planner is intended to be very flexible but unfortunately, it does not have an UNDO button. It does keep getting better every month

Have you seen these videos
To me for your scenario Project is a better tool to organize and assigns task to a will be able to easily follow how tasks are being accomplished