Planner issues loading plan

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Hi there- is anyone else having an issue pop up where a Plan will not load?  It just spins and spins...everything else in the group works fine, and you can get to individual tasks from the plan using links to the tasks from email alerts but the plan itself is not showing up and not loading at all.  Any help would be appreciated...not sure how to fix this issue. I created a new plan within the same group and even though I can open the tasks, it will not let me move the tasks to the new group...


Is there a way to create a new plan for the group and make it the group's primary plan?  I know you can create a new plan and link it to a group- however, not sure how to make it so it is the primary plan when you navigate to the group's planner site.

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Hi! Do all users in the Team experience this?
Tried with another client: Desktop / web client?

@adam deltinger Great questions, totally should have state- everyone in the group is having the exact same issue - from desktop and web.  I can replicate it as an owner as well.

@Ethan Stern You should open a support ticket about this


@Brian-Smith for visibility