Planner issue? Constantly "being set up"

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I was working in Planner and was getting errors about adding new tasks. I refreshed the page and now I'm getting a message that it's being set up?


Is this just me?Planner issuePlanner issue

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Have you provisioned the Planner in your tenant recently? If so, it will take some time to complete the provisioning.
We've had it for a while. Looks like it's back up and running now. Not sure what the problem was. Cheers
If this is for a while, then its time to open support ticket.

same for me.

same issue for me.

Not having this problem....try also to access Planner opening an In-Private session....and as suggested by Santhosh, open a support ticket

can you try logout and login again?.  since today morning we have been occasionally receiving this error. for now it is working for me too.. but I am sure the issue will come again after some time.

Hi Juan, we have opened support ticket today and it seems they are collecting information about the cause for this issue. 

Same here!

I'm also having this problem. And at the same times the plans I have in myMicrosoft Teams channels are not visable from the browser. But if I use the desktop app I can reach them. Strange. I do not know if this is related or a separate Teams issue.

Me too - and after a while I get an 500 - Internal server error.
Plans created in Teams are not expected to be surfaced in the Planner Hub...expected behavior (At least currently)

Sorry for being unclear. I know that they don't show up in the Planner Hub, but they do not show up in in the planner tab in my channels.

I started having this issue this morning.  One of my co-workers is having the same issue.  But when I try on a second computer with my account, I get in and everything is working correctly.  So 3 computers, all next to each other on the same network, all working fine 24 hours ago with Planner.  2 of them are now getting the "Being Set Up" message, the third is operating normally...


This always makes it more messy.

Same issue here. We have had Planner set up for quite a long time, so it's probably not a provisioning issue.

Same issue here

I'm having the same issue. After a restart of my computer and Edge I was able to get into Planner momentarily. However, I was only able to open some of the Plans, and unable to add any tasks. It is now back to the "being set up" page.

I have this issue since lunch time, sometimes it lets me in, other times it says setting up, when it does let me in I can see that I have task but I cant load some of the plans or see any of the tasks asssigned to me.

best response confirmed by Brian Smith (Microsoft)

We have a known issue currently - this is posted to your Service Health Dashboards.  Sorry for the inconvenience and we are working to restore the service.

PL90613 - Planner - Service degradation
Service degradation - Jan 12, 2017 9:24 AM

Title: Connectivity to Planner
User Impact: Affected users are unable to access Planner.
More info: Affected users may receive the following error messages: "Microsoft Planner is being set up. It won't take long. Planner will open when its ready." Additionally, users may see that the page never fully renders.
Current status: We've identified a potential network routing issue and are performing a detailed analysis to confirm the cause of impact.
Scope of impact: Customer reports indicate that many users will likely experience impact related to this event. Our analysis indicates that this issue could potentially affect any of your users intermittently if they are routed through the affected infrastructure.
Start time: Thursday, January 12, 2017, at 12:15 AM UTC
Next update by: Thursday, January 12, 2017, at 7:00 PM UTC