Planner is showing alot of tasks in red and others in grey even when completed

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Planner is showing alot of tasks in red and others in grey even when completed. I can't get any task to show green when complete.  I have tried signing in and out with no luck. Is there an internal issue/bug?

can anyone please help?



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It seems to be something internal/buggy. Best you can do here is to open a support ticket so Microsoft support can take a look
Same problem here. Also, finished tasks are greyed out (no green)
same problem here - any update on a fix?

Ditto. Hoping this gets resolved soon. I use the Calendar quite a bit in Planner, and now Late Task have the same color as Completed Tasks. Kinda makes it hard to work that way ;)

@Tom_Herrera Hi Tom! Same thing is happening in our Planner environment as well.

@Johannde Same issue here. This is disastrous for usability. 

This just started happening to us today...and is totally unworkable. @Johannde Did you submit a ticket?

Havent been able to get in contact with business 365 support yet - has anyone else?@dwkmeg 

Same here, finished tasks on the chart appear red. Please fix it.
I assume that this particular problem with the color of tasks in Schedule view (Tasks by Planner and To Do) will be resolved back to the default Red (late) Grey (scheduled) & Green (completed) once the developers notice the issue. THE REAL PROBLEM is that users do not have control over the coloring of tasks beyond the red gray green default.

Yes @fmhemmerls , I would like to see the option to have tasks coloured in based on the label colours assigned. 

Same here, it is very frustrating. I hope they fix it soon.

@Johannde I summitted a ticket within Planner. We'll see.

We have the same problem, hope it will be fixed soon
I have lodged the concern with my it department who has contacted Microsoft with this thread as further evidence- will see what they say
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According to my IT department at uni, the 365 support have said it's an update in the design of the system which they are trialling - although it seems to be really poorly designed, to only have a tick displayed when completed with no colour change. It also seems like the issues discussed here are more buggy in nature because surely this hasn't been changed on purpose?

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