PLANNER is allowing to remove team members in one click

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So, I'm checking how to build a power automate script for Planner.

Planner uses a whole Team as a base - I don't know that yet...


I open Planner, and see that I'm a member of a Plan that I have no interest in. I see that there is 50 other people in this planner, while this planner was - given its name - intended for a small group of people...


So, diligent me, deletes all the irrelevant people to this planner board, after all, the Planner creator must have made a mistake by inviting the entire Team, this is fine...

No warning as to what this deletion actually implies, except that they are no longer part of that Planner.. Good !


Well, not good.

As it turns out, removing people from Planner actually REMOVES them FROM THE ENTIRE TEAM.


Among the people I removed, some were part of channels - remember, I'm just deleting people one by one from the members' dropdown menu... As it turns out, once I had removed all members from a given channel, it subsequently deleted the channels once all of their members were gone from the Team...



Why removing people from Planner ejects them from the Team ?

Why can you remove people from Planner at all ??

Why does it delete channels???

WHY ???


It baffles me that this level of access is possible from PLANNER, with a simple click, that has NO explanation on the impact...


Also, how is it that a PLANNER cannot be created PER channel ??

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I just did the same mistake. Used Planner web and removed all people that were not interested in the board in question. Suddenly I saw I had removed them from the Team and all the channels and all the other Planner boards in that team.

I must repeat: Seriously Microsoft. In order to get this practical and not involving everybody in everything - we need to restrict access.
I was hoping this was a lack of knowledge on my part. Now I am am wondering there must be some very good reason for this design. Looking forward to learning more about the rationale behind this tight planner to group binding soon.

In my case, I thought I could create plans that are not associated with my team, just something I can use to plan and track the year. Searching for more options.

@KIgiri ,

Create a plan that isn’t associated with your Team with PA.