Planner in Teams - users are missing in the assignment filter

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we use the Planner in a channel in Teams. The problem is that two users are not selectable in the filter "Assignment". They simply do not appear in the list of users. I checked everything in the Microsoft 365 admincenter and could not find any irregularities. Now I had the idea to open the Planner via - and there the two users that cannot be filtered in Teams appear in the assignment filter. So my question is how can I bring these users back to the assignemt filter of Planner in our Teams channel? I hope someone has an idea how to fix this problem.

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@raspberrypi Do you have any tasks assigned to those users in that plan? In case no, please try assigning tasks and try filtering. 

@Santhosh BalakrishnanYes, there are several tasks already assigned to both users.

So I can exclude this as a cause. Furthermore there are some users in the assigment filter, which don't have any assigned tasks.

@raspberrypi Have you found a solution to this? We are having the same issue here.

Unfortunately the problem remains. Still hoping someone from the community has a solution for this.
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I found a solution: I removed many functional accounts from the team, which weren't real users. Now we are able to filter all users in the planner assignemt filter. I assume that there is a limit of users which are visible in the filter. Maybe you also have a lot of users in your team.