Planner - How to export Date and Time to Excel ?

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The export Planner to xls is very convenient to run deeper analysis of the data. However, it looks like the dates (creation date, start date, end date) are not fully exported as Date+Time. I can only retrieve dd-mm-yyyy for each. Is there a trick to get the time, or does it require further enhancements to the export function ?

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I'm not sure the default Excel export includes time in those fields.

If you have experience with Microsoft Graph you could script an export for those plan details. Those queries do include Date and Time.

Sample Query to graph:{plan-id}/tasks

Here is some sample information of what graph produces:
"startDateTime": "2022-01-12T16:00:05.5720315Z",
"createdDateTime": "2022-01-12T16:00:05.6551753Z"
"dueDateTime": "2022-02-19T08:00:00Z",
"completedDateTime": null,

@Justin-GOV  thanks for your reply. I am not familiar with graph at all. I gave it a try using my plan-ID as suggested but I am getting an error message back.

I'm sorry. It does require some experience with Graph. The link I provided requires Graph experience to get it to work. It will require some specialized knowledge if you have anybody you work with may be able to develop something for you. I just wanted to let you know that the information is there, just not for the Excel export.