planner - Filter tasks by text in body of task please!

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We rely HEAVILY on tasks in OUTLOOK and need the powerful search / filter functions that are in outlook.

Outlook allows us to search any text in any field and we can filter / sort by any number of columns that we can customise. ( allowing for things like case ID # , customer #, site ID # etc to all be individual fields that can be filtered / searched )  

We would love to move over to web apps and use Planner instead of Outlook tasks - but the inability to "filter" using a keywords search on anything OTHER than the title basically prevents us from doing so. 

We are obviously limited with the pre-set fields we can assign - the only customisable one being "label" - but we could get around that by using text in the description - but you are unable to search / filter by text in the description field....

This is really limiting and such a simple solution - I am surprised by the fact it is not in Planner already. 

PLEASE enable this function.... or at least a master "search" function that could surface hit within the description field. 

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