Planner feature progress?

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I was very excited to see a "light" project management tool from Microsoft and I like that they are pushing out minimal products. I have to say that I was hoping for faster product evolution. I don't mind the card motif (a la Trello), but need to be able to work with a LIST of tasks. There are a lot of requested features out there that are not seeing the light of day.


We are embracing Teams and the Planner is the integration we are looking for most. Does anyone have insight (or link to a post) as to what we can expect in the next 6-12 months from Planner?  The call of BaseCamp is rising again but I remain hopeful that Planner evolves and grows up in 2017!


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Hi @Dave Heller, in the session recording there was a question about adding additional fields to Planner and the audio is not clear on that part, so I can't hear your answer. Can you post, if you have anything share on this?

...interesting: what about Planner templates? It's not mentioned in the Roadmap slides

During the session QA, there was a question on Templates, it will be available in Q3 or Q4. Seems templates is based on copy/paste of Plans.

And by the way....Q3, Q4 according to Microsoft fiscal year?
Calendar year.

Posting the roadmap screenshot for quick access to all. 



It's not something on the roadmap for now, but I encourage you to submit/upvote it on UserVoice (

@Dave Heller The issue with recommending that clients post suggestions in Uservoice is that *NOONE* from Microsoft appears to be monitoring or responding in the UserVoice area for Planner.


There's a few "we're looking into it" comments that are over a year old!  

And HUNDREDS of messages from users asking for updates in the meantime.  

And ZERO response from Microsoft.

And it's clear from the amount of spam that NO ONE is monitoring it or curating the responses.


Perhaps this is something your Product Management team could address.  

The other teams seems to respond to and encourage user feedback in the UserVoice channel ... Your team seems to be pointing people there while all the while completely ignoring it.


So, What's the point of using UserVoice, then???



Luis Rodrigues


Is there an update on when features will be added to Planner?  For example, I would love to see the following features:


  • Integration of Planner with To-Do or Outlook tasks
  • Ability to add recurring tasks in Planner
  • Option to view all plans together in the "schedule" view in Planner.  While it is nice to be able to see individual plans in the "schedule" view, as a manager, it would be extremely helpful to see all plans together for macro planning.
  • Ability to change the color and arrangement of labels

Are any of these features on the table or expected to roll-out anytime soon?


Is Planner "Dead" before it was born correctly? @Dave Heller

Thanks for posting @DanielSchnyder, I had forgotten about this thread and likewise forgotten about Planner. It is not usable for anything meaningful in it's current state. @Dave Heller -- any updates?