Planner can't integrate with our Outlook Exchange 2013 mailboxes

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We have Exchange 2013 mail for our staff (not going to change anytime soon we don't expect) and I can't get tasks to appear in Outlook.


When I publish the link there is no 'Add to outlook' link and when I copy the iCalendar link and try and add it to Outlook .. it appears as a calendar but no tasks are visible.


I tried a few different ways - adding through OWA, adding through Outlook desktop as an Internet calendar - but whatever I do, I can't see any tasks.


I have a dev account and can get Planner to work fine so I know how it's meant to work - but it seems it doesn't like Exchange 2013?

Any tips much appreciated!




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@David1972- If you add this to the Outlook client directly then it will have nothing to do with the version of Exchange you are using.   In order for tasks to appear they must either have a start date, due date or both.  What version of Outlook are you using?

Hi Ben
Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 and also tried OWA.

All events have a start and end date

@David1972- From my understanding this should just work because it is an Outlook setting.   Do you have any more luck if you add the internet calendar directly from the Accounts setting in Outlook.  technet.jpg

Hi Ben.... No I've tried that it fails to sync... There is an error code but not at work now so can't post.. will update

However I can add the iCal link to other services, ie Google calendar and the tasks appear immediately..


Hi Ben this is the error I get in outlook when I try and add that internet calendar..



Also when I click on Conversation link in Planner I get this error:



Thanks for your time so far!

@David1972- the 2nd screen shot tells me that you don't appear to have an Exchange licence for O365, which would make sense given that you are using Exchange 2013.  I'm wondering if to generate a valid  internet calendar you need a licence assigned?   Does your dev account have an Exchange licence assigned.  It's worth checking the differences between the two accounts.

Hi Ben
There's no problem with generating an iCal as I can import the same link into Google... It's just that I can't open on Outlook.. Or I can add the calendar but it doesn't connect to tasks.

My Dev account has 365 mailboxes so it just works. The problem is on our organisation's side... But not sure what exactly!
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@David1972- I think you have self diagnosed the issue.  Perhaps outlook is not able to successfully read the ical URL without an O365 mail account.

Hi Ben - Yeah, I'm just not sure how far I can go as I'm not the organisation's 365 admin.


Thanks anyway you've been a big help!